Goin´ To Mexico Bay
Roll The Dice
You´ve Built My Wings

Andreas Fuglebæk and I will play my songs at Rønnebæksholm in Næstved on thursday the 6th of February at 7 pm. We´re celebrating that spring is ahead of us- Kyndelmisse. Here is the link


Nynne press


In the spring of 2010 singer and songwriter Nynne was in Nashville and New York to write new songs, and do co-writing with local songwriters. It resulted in the ep `Altitude is a strong drug´, which was released in october 2011.


“I had an urge to travel and put everything back home into perspective, and my trip to Nashville and New York gave me the opportunity.

I had time to really let all the impressions settle. The different surroundings: the scenery and all the new people, inspired me to write new songs. And the experience of being all by myself far away from home and the feelings related to that, clearly mark my first release as a singer and songwriter.”

The melodic songs create a warm and personal sound together with Nynne´s sincere vocal. The melodies and the guitar often take surprising turns and leads you new places. Nynne brings with her songs freshness and a hint of pop to the classic singer and songwriter tradition.

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